February 21, 2024

Top 5 countries for men’s leisure with women prostitutes

Erotic tourism is considered more male than female entertainment. And although women travelers are happy to have paid resort romances abroad, men choose this type of leisure much more often. You can hire a prostitute in almost every resort country, but there are popular destinations where the tourist industry is more focused on professional sex services. We have received recommendations from the leading publication in the field of escort services AR.PANDER.PRO:

Ukraine is a country with cheap putanas

In Ukraine, the intimate industry is at the stage of development, so the government is only considering legalization. But this does not affect the work of prostitutes – available and compliant Ukrainians are in every, even small towns, and they do not care about the illegal status of the intimate profession.

Closer to the resort centers ero-segment works with a special scope – here you can order a putana, not only by visiting the hot spots, but also using the possibilities of Internet sites. For example, the site https://bordelero.net/ covers most of the sought-after categories, which includes hundreds of inexpensive individuals from Kharkov.

Czech Republic is a tourist paradise with prostitutes

Czech Republic is not only gothic spires of Prague and chic craft beer, it is also attractive European prostitutes who know a lot about erotic games. There are many sex shops, adult cinemas and a unique museum of intimate gadgets with a huge exposition.

But the most famous trick of the country remains free intimate services that attract crowds of budget vacationers to the Czech Republic. Tourists get a room in a hostel and a compliant girl for the night without any payment, the only condition – he must agree to shoot and publish the record of his date on the site of the institution.

Mexico is the Latin homeland of affordable sex services

In Mexico, putanas offer to brighten the leisure time of tourists on legal grounds – prostitution here is legal for decades. Therefore, you can meet a loverly Mexican woman in a revealing outfit even during a walk in the city center or lazy rest on the beach.

Almost every employee of a hotel or resort where a man lives, will not mind to provide personal services for a small fee and outside of working hours. And if among the met prostitutes will not be suitable, you can turn for help to sites for sex dating. For example, on https://mx.pander.pro/ it will be possible to rent an inexpensive beauty with an unexpected set of intimate services.

Vietnam – a vast assortment of skillful putas

If earlier sex tourists were raring to go on vacation to Thailand, but now the Vietnamese intimate industry offers more quality and diverse sex services in that part of Asia. At the same time, the price of prostitutes in the country is more affordable, and their appearance is more refined and traditional.

Here you can meet non-traditional individuals, representatives of non-binary gender and trannies, so you should choose your partner carefully. However, the probability of renting a beautiful Asian woman for the night, who will have an unexpected “bonus” under her skirt, is much less than in Thailand.

The Netherlands is a top country for a vacation with individual women

Holland is European quality and free views on different erotic entertainment, so people come here for a complete immersion in the commercial sex industry. For example, in major cities there are entire neighborhoods and streets dedicated to intimate pleasures – there are brothels, themed salons, theaters of erotic arts and extensive sex shops waiting for the tourist.

Dutch prostitution has long been legal, so visiting adult establishments is allowed in any city. However, the rates of local prostitutes are not small, as they have to pay taxes, get insurance and undergo medical examinations. But dating with call girls here is safe and secure, and the rooms are always clean and disinfected.

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