February 21, 2024

Virtual Sex: An Overview

Are you willing to have sex without physical contact with your partner? You should be aware of virtual sex on Dudethrill.com. When it is possible to deliver anything and everything via the internet, why no sex? Virtual sex is the best answer for this. Get to know more about virtual sex by reading here.

What is virtual sex?

Experts define virtual sex as any kind of sexual activity that occurs on or with the internet. Virtual sex includes video chat, phone sex, sexting, long-distance sexual play enabled by toys and sex tech, and some forms of interactive pornography.

Most people engage in virtual sex without realizing it. Often, people think that virtual sex means just having sex on Zoom or interacting with cam girls, but the first paid phone sex line was established about 40 years ago. As a way to normalize fostering sexual connection and pleasure when in-person [sex] isn’t available.

Because you and your partner don’t actually make physical contact during virtual sex, some might not consider it “real” sex. Unlike the traditional perception of penis-in-vagina penetration, sex is much more than that. The study given by the Kinsey Institute has demonstrated that virtual sex creates emotional connections and sexual gratification in some of the same ways as in-person physical sexual acts.


There are benefits to virtual sex, despite the sensory component of physical touch during sex being preferred by many people. In addition to eliminating the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy, virtual sex is convenient, accessible to all, and a great way to experiment with new sexual acts. Also, it allows long-distance couples to maintain their intimacy no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, virtual sex can help you connect with people outside of your usual routine and daily life depending on how you do it.

The bottom line 

Thus, you might have now understood how virtual sex would take place. There are lots of websites like Dudethrill.com that will help you get the online sexual experience. There are also several measures you should have taken in advance for better sex time. Understand more about it and go having virtual sex.

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